Welcome to the Kincardine Nimrod Club

The Kincardine Nimrod Club is a member owned non-profit organization that provides an excellent opportunity for both members and prospective members to enjoy sport shooting in a safe, friendly and well run facility.  We are located just south of town on concession #12, just down from the Ainsdale Golf Course. The club was originally established in 1953 as a “Rod and Gun” club and was incorporated in 1985. Since then our club has evolved into a multidisciplinary gun club that also includes archery. Our club currently holds competitive shooting disciplines in the IDPA, WOHL, ISU, LSBA and Cowboy Action. Our focus on safety and discipline and our ongoing safety training ensures our club maintains it’s excellent safety record.

The indoor range is fully baffled and heated. It has 5 firing positions for standing events which can be converted into 4 prone firing positions. The common target return can be set for 10yard or 20yard shooting. Overhead directed lighting at either position provides excellent target illumination. Our air ventilation system on the indoor range allows our members a safe area to shoot, handgun, air pistol and air rifle and pistol calibre long guns.

With our 5 position shotgun field, we are able to offer our members trap all year round.

Our outdoor 25 yard and 100 yard ranges can be used for pistol, shot gun and rifle sports as well as black powder.

The 25 yard range also has a 10 meter line that facilitates Cowboy Action.

Our club also has an archery discipline that offers a high quality junior and senior archery program. The club uses 3 archery ranges but only broad head arrows are allowed at the range on the club property. The club also has a target arrow range on another property close to the club house grounds. In the winter, club members can shoot at the “ Davidson Center”.